Avengers Spoilers

Avengers Spoilers

Well ok this isn’t exactly about spoiling things in Avengers, I haven’t seen it yet. This is more about that impending fear that something WILL be spoiled before I get to see it this weekend. Whether it’s scrolling down my Twitter feed (@thegeeksrespite) or just checking out groups on Facebook, to sitting in a class and someone off-handedly mentions that Lockjaw runs off with the Gauntlet half way through (wait..sorry, I said no spoilers and there I go spoiling things.) The first few days of any release are dangerous if you don’t want to be let in on the secrets before seeing it and this movie, with it’s huge build and the epic climax to this 10 year experiment, is something you want to go into without knowing the twists.

The question is how do you avoid those secrets in this age of instant communication? You could try just not jumping on in the first place, but that seriously isn’t going to happen. Maybe you take the time to mute everyone that might spoil it, beyond being time consuming you will probably miss someone you didn’t think would go see Avengers, like your mom or aunt or third cousin that you totally forgot was on your Facebook. So what, then, is the answer? Easy….



That’s right

I’ve got nothing, I’m just holed up and keeping my head down till this weekend. If you have any ideas I’d love to hear them.

Hoyt Fischbeck


Legion Lost: X-Men Legacy (2012)

   ​So with FX premiering Legion this week, I sat down and read through the penultimate David Haller story “X-Men Legacy”(2012). With only a cursory knowledge of Legion and a bit of a disconnect to the X-Book at the time (this is post Avengers v X-Men and it’s climax) I dove in with very limited expectations. What I got was a very strong, character driven story of self, loss, and destiny. By its bittersweet ending in issue 24 I genuinely felt attached and heartbroken by the decisions made. I’m trying very hard to avoid spoilers because the journey in this case is its own story, the conclusions springs from those steps preceding it and telling you the ending does the 23 issues before it a disservice. 

    This is a story of what defines the self, David Haller has always been the embodiment of unlimited potential hindered by a fractured psyche. His power set is so massive, so godlike, that he would be the most powerful being in the universe, on par with the cosmic beings like Eternity,  The Living Tribunal, and Death, in essence whatever Haller wanted to do he could. The only limitation on that godlike ability came in the form of his shattered self image and the disparit menagerie of monsters that embody each power. Like a Green Lantern, his self confidence and willpower allow him greater access to his powers, but unlike the GL corps David has to contend with a psychic representation of the power he wants to use, not merely turning a power on but literally fighting that personality for control. If he loses that fight the beast or entity takes control, or in some cases, are unleased in chaotic fashion. Legacy is a story of this broken person finding how to fix himself, if he even can fix himself. 

     We will dig into this later this week on The Geeks Respite, along with a review of FX’s first episode of Legion. 
Hoyt F.

Alola, My Island Home

So a couple of days ago I arrived in the lush, vibrant, tropical Alola region. I’ve already met some of the locals, picked up some pets, and are starting some kind of rite of passage involving Kahuna’s and Idols and whatever else. Oh and also nearly died trying to help this little puffball on a bridge that was being attacked by annoying birds, and if the local guardian spirit hadn’t jumped in at the last second I’d be at the bottom of a very large chasm. Something about this place is very familiar but at the same time it is all new, not sure how to interpret that yet. Anyway, I think I need a few more minutes of sleep, as long as the cat doesn’t try waking me up again to give me a present. 

DC Sends a Message at SDCC


So it’s been a few days and all the fallout from San Diego Comic Con has settled. We got a ton trailers from both Marvel and DC, some other movies made some waves, and other kinds of comic news. So lets get started with DC and their trailers.



Justice League:  The trailer that no one expected, and after Batman v Superman was much less successful than Warner was anticipating, the movie that everyone was worried about. If this is any indication, then maybe we should all just give this project some space. It was funny, it was a lot less “edgy” than BvS and we got to see a lot more of Batfleck, which is nice because like almost everyone else I thought Ben Afleck was the best thing about that movie. We got to see the full on costume for the Flash, and while I still think they should have used a different Flash since the Grant is a really good Barry in the TV version, Ezra got to be a bit front and center of this and had a nice back and forth with Bruce Wayne. On top of that we also got to see a full shot of Cyborg and while he didn’t really say anything, except for one good line at the end, the design is good. The winner though, so much so that there were hashtags saying we should no longer laugh at him, was Aquaman. Jason Momoa just came across as a total badass, completely queuing the audience that may not be familiar with the character except as the butt of a ton of jokes about superheroes with useless powers  into why they should not make the mistake of taking this version lightly. While the characters and the action on the screen was great to see, the way the scenes were shot show off Zach Snyder’s admittedly gorgeous shooting style, the shot of the waves crashing against the rocks while Aquaman just stands there is particularly powerful. This was just the thing to say to the audience “Please give us another chance” and for now I’m willing to do that.

Wonder Woman:  This was simply amazing. It’s hard to explain why because everything just hit with this trailer. From summing up the origin of Wonder Woman, to the great fight scenes everything was on point. Gal Gadot just fills this roll, she is equal parts warrior and diplomat, and with the setting of World War One we can see the dichotomy of this powerful woman in a world where she is not seen as such. When the trailer moves on and that amazing hero them hits, the drums just catch you. You are wrapped up in this character. Again, an amazing trailer that made me put BvS in the background even more, like a bad dream or a speed bump in the way of these much better, so far, looking films.

Suicide Squad: The final trailer before the release next week, this showed off some more of the Joker and some more of the action scenes.  The hype machine is going to be in full effect and that is a good thing. I am excited to see this and honestly can’t wait to see what they do with this more mature but fun looking ride.  The only question I have really, and it’s probably one that the film itself will answer, is when does this take place, before or after BvS? Will there be any connection to the other up coming films? I guess we will just have to wait and see. (Also a quick note to WB, Post-Credit scenes will not kill you.)

Flash Season 3: Grant Gustin and the crew make their comeback in October with Flashpoint. After last season’s big finale and events, everyone was left wondering what will happen. This trailer gives us a hint and to avoid spoilers I’m not going into too much detail but let’s just say that shot of Kid Flash made me squee. I’m going to be there from the beginning this season.

Gotham Season 3: After this promo reel, I think I need to go back and watch Gotham. I was very much skeptical about this series when it was announced and through season one but it looks like season two kicked things up a notch and now season three will just go further. Mr. Freeze, Mad Hatter, Riddler and more were shown off in this long trailer and at the end convinced me to at least give it a shot. Looks like September I’ll be checking Hulu for the season premier.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2:  With season one behind us and the big surprise at the end of said season, again no spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet, we got a bit of a first look at the upcoming season two. Not much was revealed here but from the bits and pieces shown it looks like this series will stay on my must watch list.

Supergirl didn’t get a trailer but we did find out that some guy named Superman will be showing up in the series.  This along with the move to The CW, or at this point The DCW,  will hopefully allow this show to stretch its legs and get moving in the right direction. The hinted at crossover of the DCTVU is also something I’m excited to see, letting everyone interact and just mesh the universes together better will help out all of them in the long run. I just hope that we don’t have the same issue we’ve had in comics recently where you have to watch everything just to keep up with what is going on in one show though.


And that its, everything  on the TV/Movie side of the DCU. Next time we will take a trip down Mar-Vill way and talk about Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders and more.

My Pokemon Adventure: Day Three

My adventure yesterday began with, well, the usual. Getting up, finding a ton or Rattata in the house and then off to run errands full of Pidgey and more Rattata. A laid back day, which is good because it was unbearably hot outside. The Gym we had taken the night before fell to Team Instinct over night but by the time we made it over to the park to retake it, another member of Team Valor had taken it back. We added a couple of pokemon to the gym to help defend it and wandered around trying to pop some eggs,  but the real world mosquitoes became a real pain so we head home. Not two minutes after leaving Team Mystic sneaks up and retakes the gym. That doesn’t hold though, as not long after that another Team Valor trainer retook it and set a CP1000 defender on top of it, where it has stayed since then.

My only real pokemon pick up yesterday came when a wandering Squirtle wandered into my house. Two pokeballs later and I have completed my first personal quest, I have all three starters!

Will today be different? I don’t know yet, but I do know that I have to keep going, because this is everything I’ve trained for since I was 17.



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My Pokemon Go Adventure: Day Two

I woke up this morning and began my training, or at least that was the plan. Server issues? OF COURSE THERE ARE SERVER ISSUES! About a hour later I log in and discover myself in a hellish purgatory of unexistance, my avatar appears on the map that is fully laid out, but there are no pokemon near me, and i wont stop trying to situate myself to my GPS position. I can’t access Pokestops or Gyms, they just appear as blank locations. What is this? Where am I? Oh well, looks like today is going to be a short entry.

A couple of hours later, as I am out running errands with the girlfriend, I am able to log back in and everything is right with the digital world (wait, would that be gimmick infringement?) so we begin to take a tour of our town, picking up a few pokestops near the house and attempting to reclaim the gym near our home for the might Team Valor. We each take turns attacking and trying to reclaim that gym. Every time we get the leader down to 1 HP it just stops taking damage and denying our rightful reclamation of our gym. It was during this event that we met our first members of Team Valor who had tried to do the same as us, and discovered the server glitch as well that denied our victory. We exchanged war stories, they set up a module and we caught a few extra pokemon. We would come back to this gym and reclaim it as our later, when the servers were cooperating again. Again back home for now.

We decided to go back to the park from yesterday, maybe just do a lap or two around the closely packed pokestops of the park. Arriving, the park looked busy, a birthday party, some people at the skate park, and…wait, why are all of those random pairings and groupings just wandering aro…oh my god…we were not the first ones to find the park! Not only that but the other groups were tossing out Modules and drawing tons of pokemon to the area. Again we make nice and talk to everyone, that is the great thing about this game, people TALK to one another, they take their nose out of their devices and look at the wonder that is natures beauty and interact with other people. It’s almost like that is what Nintendo intended, for people to actually interact. We spend about an hour gathering items and making some friends, even if they are in that OTHER team, and just sharing this thing that brings us together. Again, back home.

About that time my two cousins show up. One, having never played any kind of Pokemon game in his thirty-ish years,  and the other a child of the generation immersed in the lore and the marketing giant that is pokemon. With them in tow, we attempt to retake the local gym again, and during our trek another member of Team Valor had reclaimed it, but had left an extremely weak Abra behind to defend it. We roll in and back it up. It is ours again, for now, but only one thing is certain. War, war never changes…(there I go crossing franchises again.)


to be continued…


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