A Place for Geeks to Rest

So you have found your way here fellow geek, have you? Come on in, put your pack down and take a break from the usual hustle and bustle of geek life. The constant raging, the bickering, and the fighting that seems to have made itself pervasive for all of us and that sometimes makes us wonder why we even stay in our Geekdoms any more. Think of this blog as a place for peace, quite literally a respite from the constant storm that blows through fandoms whenever something new hits.

What is this place about? Well, it’s about Gaming, both the tabletop kind and the video kind. It’s also about comics (DC, Marvel, even Indies) and things connected to that (Movies, TV, Novels, etc). It will even talk some Anime when the mood strikes. All this and more await you inside the Respite.

This blog will also have a podcast that will, eventually, pop up three times a week with news and stories from my adventures in Geekdom. It will also have friends of mine crashing the mic from time to time to tell their tales and give advice for everything from being the Storyteller of your own tabletop role playing games to what stories are the best to start digging into a comic.

I’d like this to be a place you can ask questions and feel like this little spot on the internet is yours, so if you are following this blog feel free to kick your feet up. If you have a topic you’d like to talk about on the podcast shoot us an email, maybe I’ll Skype you in and we can talk about what you’re interested in. So join the community and lets keep things civil…

Best Regards,

Hoyt “Gnome” Fischbeck


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