An Introduction

So you have stumbled upon this blog and you are probably wondering who this guy is that decided to share his opinions on geekdom. Am I some writer of sci-fi/fantasy? Maybe I’m some indy comic creator with a nice webcomic? A critic of film? Honestly, I’m just a guy, a guy who has read comics since I was a kid, played Dungeons and Dragons and Vampire the Masquerade along with any and every other table top RPG in between. A video gamer that began playing when you needed a lot of imagination to see that dot as the adventurer  and that other, slightly darker, dot as the dragon. Weird Al fanboy, but also a Spotify saved song list full of most genres of music. In other words, I am an eclectic collection of geekery that has watched as our subculture has slowly become the culture that everyone quotes and is enjoying.

So what does all of that have to do with this blog/podcast? Easy, sometimes we forget our roots, or we never had those roots to begin with in the case of younger geeks, and it’s nice to have a moment to reflect on how we got to this point. Along the way I’ll share my stories of growing up geek before it was cool, and try to share my experiences of everything interesting (from how to run your own Tabletop RPG to what to look for when trying to find retro video games) to give back to the community that I have been a part of for many years.

Along with myself, I’m also going to reach out to other geeks to share their stories and their advice about their journeys in geekdom to try and give as wide a view as possible. I’d like to make this a place we can all have a conversation and feel like its a place you can open up and help each other get through this thing called life. In the end I’d like to just have fun and give back to this crazy world we all inhabit.


Welcome to the show

Hoyt “Gnome” Fischbeck

ps: I’m going to try and have the first podcast up within the next week!



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