DC gets a new logo…again

So today it has been announced that DC is changing up its logo, to debut with the DC Rebirth Special. Looking at it..


I was struck by a bit of deja vu…


It seems like they are going to try for a touch of nostalgia, even if it’s just hinted at by the simple design.

The new logo is clean, direct and will look good on both books and movies screens. I mean look at the current one..


It’s always struck me as too…I dunno, busy? Like it was trying to be cutting edge and look sleek and new. But while that looks good on books, it just didn’t have the same feel on a movie screen. It seemed small and just sort of there.

The new logo makes a statement, it declares that what you are about to experience is indeed something with a history. Subtle ques to the loyal fan base will try to ease their apprehension to the changes on the horizon, that their history will be there but it is also new, and a new story is about to be written.

Who’da thought I could get a blog about a logo switch to sound interesting?


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