When the announcement was made a few months ago about DC Rebirth everyone, me included, focused on the characters and the return of some of the old magic of Pre Nu52 DC. What we all kind of nodded and agreed was neat but not that important at the time was the price drop to 2.99, at a time when new issues were going for between four and five dollars each, this price drop was not just a good business decision but also a way of building a subtle connection to nostalgia for the previous world. It’s funny how a simple price drop can change the perspective of the fans who buy the books and so far it seems to have been a shot in the arm for DC’s sales.

The idea is a simple one, drop the prices and people will pick up more books and when you are trying to tell a large over aching story over multiple titles picking up more books turns into a more complete story being told. The 2.99 price point also offers older fans who stopped picking up the Nu52, me included, a low bar of access. I know that I was able to pick up more books than I would have if they were more expensive, to date I’ve picked up 6 of the Rebirth books and have yet to have any real issues with them (Except Superman, but we will get to that in another post). Would I have done that if it would have cost me an extra six bucks? Probably not, due to my own budget being twenty dollars. I probably would have skipped the Superman books the fact that I stayed in my budget and got some decent to good stories out of the deal works out. Looking over at Marvel and their slowly creeping prices and the Marvel Unlimited service looks like an even better deal, I don’t feel as much need to get the books immediately because they will come to the app soon-ish and probably after the giant crossovers are over. If they were to follow DC and bring their books back to 2.99 would I pick more of them up? It’s highly likely, because I can justify pulling together and spending three bucks easier than five.

My final thoughts, I hope that as DC’s sales continue to rise thanks to both the good story telling and the lower price, that we will see the rest of the industry start to look at their success and give it a try. They might find that good quality, low priced books will increase what has been a shrinking market.


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