So About That New Paradigm For Captain America

As a follow up to our first post about the ending of Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, I thought I would go over the reveal of issue two. By the way, SPOILER WHALE AHEAD!! You have been warned.


Turns out that it WAS mind control. Mind control from a sentient Cosmic Cube that took human form and was under control of the….wait for it….Red Skull (dun dun dunn..*headesk*).

“How can this be?” you ask with disappointment that the righteous anger that so many were dispensing on last month’s reveal and the press tour where the writer and editor were both adamant that this was not a stunt and that it was the new status quo turns out to be nothing more than the puppet masters pulling the strings of the fan base to goad a reaction from the main stream media. If they had just said that it was a story then people would have still grumbled but the outrage that got that book all over the news wouldn’t have been there. They needed to get everyone upset, so they, well, lied.

I’ll point back to my last post about this. In that article I said that it wouldn’t serve the hype machine for the creators to just come out and say “Nope this is just a story and it’s only temporary.” That doesn’t sell books, doesn’t stir a reaction from the fan base and doesn’t get a ton of free publicity for issue two, a book that normally sees a big drop off after the first issue. Marvel did what it does best, make its fans sell its books for them, and the rage at the idea of Cap being retconned in the most core level made sure that non-readers knew something big was going on. What we have now is the typical comic trope of mind control, sure it is dressed up nicely and honestly I want to see where this story is going now but this is your normal comic plot at this point. I’m not upset, I’m too old of a fan to be upset by stunt writing and hype not matching the final product, I’m not even surprised at this point, it is just how comics work. Especially with an Icon like Captain America, not just a comic icon but now a money printing machine over in films too. In fact I would have been surprised if they HAD kept the retcon, it would have meant that something different was happening but again the normal stasis of comics rears its head.

Just remember, before you go off and rage against some new storyline, plot line or stunt, to let it work out before you get angry. Don’t be the creators hype team, unless you like where it’s going.


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