Didn’t We Just Do One of These?


So Marvel released information on Divided We Stand, another relaunch, not long after the All-New, All-Different relaunch after the soft reboot Secret Wars after the Now relaunch after, well you get the idea. Once DC was the master of the reboot (and currently Rebirth is going into good places), just hitting the reset button about every 10-ish years starting with the original Crisis. Now though it seems like Marvel is in a constant cycle of relaunches, not as severe as reboots but still rocking the foundations as it were. Of course the catalyst for this relaunch is the current event Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo, and while I have yet to check out the story, due to it already being too massive to pick up individually, the summaries and spoilers I have been hit with on social media paint a decent story but a needless event so soon after Secret Wars. You just restarted the 616 universe, condensed the Ultimate universe in to the 616 along with some other straggling parallel worlds and are just starting to get things settled from that. Guess it’s time to rip the curtains down and rework the status quo again!

It’s exhausting being in a constant state of flux, when books are just getting their feet under them to have them torn out again. Your audience is slowly conditioned to not care about anything because it will probably mean nothing after the next event. This started way back with Avengers Disassembled, which lead into Civil War, into Secret Invasion, into Siege. Every book was touched by those events, and countless books started and ended with little to no fanfare, and it just seemed like the entire line was immersed in these events. Once those things passed we had some quiet time, but then came Time Runs Out, Marvel Now, Secret Wars, Civil War 2, and now Divided we stand. Don’t get me wrong, I like events and big stories, but it has felt like that is all we are getting with Marvel recently. I’m going to watch this develop, see how it pans out, maybe after this they will let things settle down for a while and let the books stand on their own, except Avengers Infinity War is on the way, so after Divided We Stand will probably come United We Fall.

To Be Continued…..


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