My Pokemon Go Advenure: Day One (Update)

Servers are back up! I was able to go in and empty out all the Pidgey that I had accumulated over the day before the server crash. Also caught the roaming Doduo in my living room. With that I hit level 5, which team to choose? Randomizer told me team Valor. Conveniently my girlfriend was also a member, we are relaxing at the house, and she notices that there is a Gym not far from here, and it was easy pickings! We grab a couple of bottles of water and begin the trek to the gym. Outside the skies were slowly darkening, distant thunder could be heard and felt, but that didn’t deter us and we marched on to the gym!

Fifteen minutes later we have hiked about one kilometer, thanks incubator for being my rough pedometer, and there she stood. Her Venomoth toe to toe to the blue teams Venomoth! It was a hard fought battle, and though her’s was stronger the Gym leaders Venomoth was faster, weakening hers to almost defeat. In flies Pidgeot, that bug never had a chance! The Gym is ours!! Thats when the skies decide to open up, drenching us as we walk back home, a victory shower! Now I shut the game down for the night to dry off and relax. Tomorrow? Who knows what tomorrow brings…


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