Avengers Spoilers

Avengers Spoilers

Well ok this isn’t exactly about spoiling things in Avengers, I haven’t seen it yet. This is more about that impending fear that something WILL be spoiled before I get to see it this weekend. Whether it’s scrolling down my Twitter feed (@thegeeksrespite) or just checking out groups on Facebook, to sitting in a class and someone off-handedly mentions that Lockjaw runs off with the Gauntlet half way through (wait..sorry, I said no spoilers and there I go spoiling things.) The first few days of any release are dangerous if you don’t want to be let in on the secrets before seeing it and this movie, with it’s huge build and the epic climax to this 10 year experiment, is something you want to go into without knowing the twists.

The question is how do you avoid those secrets in this age of instant communication? You could try just not jumping on in the first place, but that seriously isn’t going to happen. Maybe you take the time to mute everyone that might spoil it, beyond being time consuming you will probably miss someone you didn’t think would go see Avengers, like your mom or aunt or third cousin that you totally forgot was on your Facebook. So what, then, is the answer? Easy….



That’s right

I’ve got nothing, I’m just holed up and keeping my head down till this weekend. If you have any ideas I’d love to hear them.

Hoyt Fischbeck


Legion Lost: X-Men Legacy (2012)

   ​So with FX premiering Legion this week, I sat down and read through the penultimate David Haller story “X-Men Legacy”(2012). With only a cursory knowledge of Legion and a bit of a disconnect to the X-Book at the time (this is post Avengers v X-Men and it’s climax) I dove in with very limited expectations. What I got was a very strong, character driven story of self, loss, and destiny. By its bittersweet ending in issue 24 I genuinely felt attached and heartbroken by the decisions made. I’m trying very hard to avoid spoilers because the journey in this case is its own story, the conclusions springs from those steps preceding it and telling you the ending does the 23 issues before it a disservice. 

    This is a story of what defines the self, David Haller has always been the embodiment of unlimited potential hindered by a fractured psyche. His power set is so massive, so godlike, that he would be the most powerful being in the universe, on par with the cosmic beings like Eternity,  The Living Tribunal, and Death, in essence whatever Haller wanted to do he could. The only limitation on that godlike ability came in the form of his shattered self image and the disparit menagerie of monsters that embody each power. Like a Green Lantern, his self confidence and willpower allow him greater access to his powers, but unlike the GL corps David has to contend with a psychic representation of the power he wants to use, not merely turning a power on but literally fighting that personality for control. If he loses that fight the beast or entity takes control, or in some cases, are unleased in chaotic fashion. Legacy is a story of this broken person finding how to fix himself, if he even can fix himself. 

     We will dig into this later this week on The Geeks Respite, along with a review of FX’s first episode of Legion. 
Hoyt F.